Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm a little late with this please forgive me. Yesterday, February 21, 2009 was my Mom's birthday.
I won't say how old she is because
she would kill me if I did.
I just wanted to dedicate this post to her honor.
First of all, she is a wonderful Mom to my brother, my sister, and I. She always has the best advice for us and always supports us in every way. She has put us first and we have always had everything we ever needed. I am thankful to have a Mom like her.
For those of you who know her, you know that she is the guidance counselor for grades K-12 in Chillicothe, Tx. I know she really loves her job and being able to help kids on a daily basis whether it be with their education or their personal lives. I can imagine it's a difficult job every day to counsel kids who have so many problems in their young lives. She does a lot for her school, and since it is a very small school it doesn't have a ton of resources, so she is always using her own resources to help the students there. I know they all appreciate it.
She is also involved in various community activities throughout Childress. She is a member of several committees and groups around town. She also heads up the Miss 4th of July pageant every year and does a great job. She is a Nana to 4 grandkids and 1 on the way...and all of the kids love to go to Nana's house for lots of fun, games, and treats. You can always expect there to be plenty of ice cream and candy at Nana's...and what happens there pretty much stays there. I can't wait until my little one is here and old enough to stay and play at Nana's house. So next time you see Lana...give her a big Happy Birthday shout out! But do not, under ANY circumstances, ask how old she is!

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Lana said...

Thank you for that great post!!! It was really nice except for the first picture.....Please take it down!!!!!